Newtown Mountain – Exhibition notes continued : design

Simon Howe's 'Qualities and use of Stone' 2008 showing labelling and displayThe graphic design for the posters and labelling of the show was in the hands of the Museum and their design department. I provided two images (photographs taken by one of the artists), and chose the final design from two produced which was used for the posters, invites and fliers – see the design below. This was part of the Museum’s not inconsiderable  ‘in kind’ contribution to the exhibition. I felt the style of design reflected the ‘cross-over’ nature of the event – and certainly  more ‘museum’ than ‘gallery’. There is much more a sense of ‘information delivery’ in museum labelling. For example, I had envisaged the room as a fairly empty space with lots of white wall space which would draw attention to the artworks. The Museum curator added an exhibition poster (inside the gallery) and several information panels (maps, handouts etc), extra chairs etc. This may have made the exhibition more accessible to museum visitors, meeting their initial expectations – although they may have felt some confusion as they engaged with the elliptical nature of the artwork. It’s hard to identify the exact genre of the style: over the past three years I have been filming and researching traditional museum collections; in retrospect I might have discussed creating a ‘faux’ traditional collection style with the Museum which would have fitted well with the ‘local’ starting point of the artwork and the theme of the exhibition.


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